My name is Leo Perantoni and I'm a sound designer from Rio de Janeiro, currently based in Vancouver. I have experience in a lot of different areas of sound, from editing to linear media, to post audio and game audio. My main focus is creating interactive sound experiences for games.

I've always been interested in music and played several instruments since I was a child. Early on I developed a taste for experimental music. I always preferred making noise and textures other than traditional music, and since I didn't know much about it outside of what I was doing, I thought I was just a weird kid.

After a while I met like minded people and discovered that it wasn't just me. During this time I went to university to study music technology and played my music live around Rio with the experimental music collective I formed back there.

Soon after that a friend of mine was getting into game development and asked me to do sound and music for his game, and I ended up discovering that a lot of the processes and interpretations I had on music could be translated to sound design, and it instantly clicked with me. I've been focusing on game audio as a career ever since. Following the first games I made back in Brazil, I went to Canada to study sound design at Vancouver Film School.

Today I still consider myself a lover of the experimental, always looking for new tools and ways to create and modify sound for the needs of the project. This allows me to give sound as much character as possible, making something totally unique.